Mezuzah from This Home

A series of mezuzahs – bronze casts of mezuzah traces to commemorate the Jewish lives of pre-war Poland.


A bronze mezuzah collection inspired by NATURE

Biblical Animals

BIBLICAL ANIMALS is a collection of mezuzahs inspired by animals important in Jewish culture.

Silver & Amber

The mezuzahs made of silver and Baltic amber.

Shin Mezuzahs

A series of wooden mezuzahs. The letter ‘SHIN’ becomes an integral part of the traditional Jewish symbols.

KOSMOS mezuzah

KOSMOS is a unique collection of mezuzahs made of special stabilized wood. You will not find two the same!

Biblical Garden

A collection of wooden mezuzahs inspired by plants important in Jewish culture.

4 Elements

A jewelry collection inspired by four elements: water, fire, air and earth.

A small menorah and mezuzah!

A collection of jewelry inspired by menorah and mezuzah.


A collection of small amber jewelry with Jewish motifs.

Biblical garden

Jewelry collection inspired by plants that are important and symbolic in Jewish culture.


A collection of big amber jewelry with Jewish motifs.


A small unisex jewelry collection. You decide how to wear it – as a pendant, ear rings, bracelet, on your feet or any other way.

Yin Yang

The pendant connects two symbols – chamsa and yin yang.


The pendant with an eye open and closed represents day and night.

Shabbat Wings

A set of Sabbath candle holders inspired by the song Shalom Aleichem.


A contemporary and reinvented version of the most traditional old spice boxes for Havdalah.

Seder plate

The SEDER PLATE inspired by Shmura Matzah with a quotation from the Psalm 136.

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The SEDER PLATE inspired by Shmura Matzah with a quotation from the Psalm 136.