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The trace of mezuzah

new mezuzah - bronze cast of the trace

The story hidden behind

the home

Many distinguished persons lived in the tenement house at 14, Waliców St before WW II . One of them was Dawid Szulman, a lawyer who during the war was a member of the Jewish Military Union. As a lawyer he judged traitors and Jewish members of Gestapo – SS and Wehrmacht collaborators. Together with Berł Braudo and Sara Granatsztejn he executed a death penalty on the director of the Judenrat economic department, Izrael Firszt, for collaborating with the Germans. All three of them were killed in the Holocaust.

warsaw uprising

During the Warsaw Uprising Waliców St. was the area for fighting battles by the Home Army “Sowiński” battalion. A participant of these battles, Jerzy Woźniak “Szpila” reported: “On 24th September the German infantry, supported by two tanks, attacked our positions at Waliców St. The attack was preceded by the explosion of a huge bomb, that destroyed the façade of the building at 14, Waliców St. After heavy fighting, the attack was repulsed.”

the trace

No proprietary claims regarding the building have ever been filed. The tenement house was partially inhabited until the year 2000. In 2015 the city authorities issued the order for the house to be demolished. The order was suspended after intervention from the local authorities. In 2017 a group of municipal activists applied to the conservator – restorer to register the house at 14, Waliców St in the Polish National Registry of Historic Buildings. It is one of the very few tenement houses from the former ghetto area that survived to this very day, bearing witness to the history of Warsaw.