Tangible judaism




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The trace of mezuzah

new mezuzah - bronze cast of the trace

The story hidden behind

the family

From 1926 the tenement at 8 Ciepła in Białystok was own by Chackiel Bekker. Among the residents of the building was Ester-Golda Rozental, Israel Rozental and Lidia Rozental. Lidia Rozental – a daughter of Berta and Israel was born on July 18th 1928 in Białystok. She was an engineer by profession. On June 20th 1941 she was taken to Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, to the city of Barnauł (250 km south of Novosibirsk) in Altai Krai. She apparently survived and returned to Białystok, where she registered herself on July 7th 1946. This is last of what is known about her.

the ghetto

Ciepła Street was a part of the Jewish Ghetto, which was established by German Nazi on May 26th 1941. The Ghetto liquidation started on August 16th, 1943. Jews who didn’t hide were rounded up. Around that time, 300 Jewish fighters fought back against the Germans in the small area of Ciepła Street, Poleska Street and Jurowiecka Street. After battle, Ciepła Street was was leveled by the Germans.