Tangible judaism




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Learn more about mezuzuah from this home series

The trace of mezuzah

new mezuzah - bronze cast of the trace

The story hidden behind

the home

Bronze mezuzah based on mezuzah trace found in Apartment 7. Before the War the Jewish Family of Menachem Rothlewi lived in this flat. Despite how many years have passed, there are still 2 more traces of mezuzahs left. Because the renovation started, MI POLIN, partnered with Magmillon carefully saved all doorposts with mezuzah traces. One doorpost with mezuzah trace was donated to Jewish Historical Institute from Warsaw. Fife of them will be exhibitited in renovated tenement. Doorpost from Apartment 7 is exhibitied in MI POLIN Warsaw office.

the family

The tenement was built by Menachem Rothlevi in 1914. There were apartments, shops and businesses, including a bakery, a sewing school for girls, a butcher’s shop, and a hairdresser. In the 1930’s all residents of the tenement were Jewish. When Menachem Rothlevi died, the building was purchased by Shlama and Fajga Szymanowicz, manufacturers of Christmas decorations. In 1940 the building was sold to Konstanty Waleruk. When World War II ended, a decree from Bolesław Beirut (Polish Communist leader and a hard-line Stalinist who became President of Poland) denied his ownership and building was nationalized – resulting in years of neglect and the building falling into disrepair. 100 years later, it will get a new life. It is being restored to its original architectural grandeur by the Magmillon Company, and the former tenement will be teeming with life again.