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6” long / 1,5” wide

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Learn more about mezuzuah from this home series

The trace of mezuzah

new mezuzah - bronze cast of the trace

The story hidden behind

the home

The trace has been found by: Krakuska Krakow City Guide

Mezuzah trace historical research by: Marta Maćkowiak

the family

At Brzozowa 13, among other families, lived Tobias and Chaja Bloch. Tobias was born in Kraków on February 5th, 1904 to Izaak and Anna nee Shein. Chaja was born in Wieliczka on March 19th, 1899. Tobias died in Auschwitz, the fate of Chaja is unknown.

the family

Another resident was a doctor Eliasz Markus lived at Brzozowa 13. It was his private apartment and his office was located at Mostowa 6. Eliasz was a son of Icchak Jakow Markus and Klara nee Kenigsberg, and was married to Fela Sztamberger, with whom he had 2 children, Henoch and Krysia. The whole family was killed during the war.

the family

The following people lived at Brzozowa 13 as well:


  1. Forschauer Majer Hill

  2. Forschuer Frymeta

  3. Gross Julia Brzozowa 13/6

  4. Gross Maksymilian Brzozowa 13/6

  5. Gross Leonora

  6. Wajl Berek

  7. Wajl Mindla

  8. Wajl Lejzer

  9. Kamelcarn Tola

  10. Kamelgarn Pola

  11. Wiener Amalie

  12. Wiener Kejla

  13. Ginzig Welia

  14. Brauer Ruchla

  15. Gottlieb Chana

  16. Krakus Szyfra

  17. Altman Perla

  18. Blaugrund Blima

  19. Bloch Chaja

  20. Bloch Tobiasz

Learn more about mezuzuah from this home series