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Learn more about mezuzuah from this home series

The trace of mezuzah

The new mezuzah

The story hidden behind

the home

In this building there was a shop with exclusive fur clothing, which belonged to L.Goldstein and N.Tenenberg. The successful company “Składy futer” (Fur Warehouse) had its own branches in Sosnowiec and Katowice. During the II World War back part of building was blown up. The trace of mezuzah was found in the basement, where a house of prayer (shtiebel) used to be. According to historical sources the house of prayer was donated by L. Goldstein and N. Tenenberg. Owners of “Składy futer” were notable citizens of Będzin, both of them were members of the Jewish Community Council in 1937.

the family

According to German list of residents from September 1939 at Kołłątaja street 14 the following Families lived:

* Baumgarten (6 family members)
* Cwern (3 family members)
* Dancygier (2 families, 7 family members)
* Grynblat (2 family members)
* Frydrych (7 family members)
* Herszlikowicz (2 family members)
* Jakubzon (2 family members)
* Kerner (7 family members)
* Klajner (2 families, 9 family members)
* Martyn (6 family members)
* Najfeld (5 family members)
* Potok (5 family members)
* Rechnic (5 family members)
* Rozenblum (3 family members)
* Szpryngier (7 family members)
* Szykman (4 family members)
* Wielgus (5 family members).